• Brazil has become one of the most exciting countries in the world for renewable energy investment but only those who can navigate Brazil’s dense legal and regulatory jungle will be able to discover the full potential of their projects.

The Investor’s Handbook for Renewable Energy in Brazil brings together all the essential information needed to support that journey. It serves as an insider’s guide for those developing projects renewable energy in Brazil and anyone curious about the inner-workings of this lucrative market.

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Beyond sunlight, wind, & water to the politics and socio-economics that truly enable renewable energy generation to come online​

A dual market contract model serving an area the size of europe that is seeing rapid growth while undergoing major reform

A strengthening pathway for foreign capital presents options for international investors looking to establish effective special purpose entities

Brazilian Taxation Is Overly Complex. Investors Must Select The Right Taxation System & Be Aware Of Cumulative Burdens When Planing Project Expenditures.

BNDES once represent the only funding in town, now the capital markets and bigger share of participants are eager to invest in renewable energy projects.

Access to grid capacity is ruled by the key regulator ANEEL. Navigate the application procedures and get acquainted with their pre-requisites

Securing land evokes reminiscences of the colonial past and a history of conflictive expansion. In no other matter can the Brazilian way of dealing with uncertainties be more relevant.

The dense legal jungle that stands between promising renewable energy projects & profitable power generating enterprises

A nation that is hungry for energy & well developed supply chains to promote both wind and solar generation capacity deployment