Main industries we support

Energy Transition

The energy transition towards a low carbon industry has become the world’s new, challenging reality. Beyond emission free electricity, renewable technologies have enabled a mindset change for decentralized, connected, digital economies. Energy, communication, mobility, and finance are intertwined and giving form to new ways of working and new ways of living.

Immersed in this new business culture, we provide advice on entire investment cycles: from access to investors, through financing, to asset management and strategic and operational decisions.

Direct Investments in Sustainability

Be it due to compliance with corporate regulations or in response to legal and reputation risks, nowadays companies increasingly strive to demonstrate environmental social responsibility.

Considering the specifics of each case, REA Consult ensures smooth implementation of sustainable management in the least disruptive way for you. We also develop customized tools and take care of financial supervision and progress control, in addition to developing a continuous monitoring and evaluation strategy for your company, which are essential to measure and promote the resulting benefits and cost reductions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With developing markets attracting a dominant and growing share of foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions require reliable M&A processes and specific transaction attention.

Years of experience in transaction management allows REA Consult to manage your portfolio growth while observing compliance to investment boards. We offer advice on analysis, selection, and investment management, focusing on M&A coordination, risk and contract management.